Authors Answer 53 – Jumping on the Bandwagon


Hilariously, we all kind of agree on this one.  I’m actually running a game for a friend in the Graveborn World Erica and I will be writing in, to help me expand on the concepts and creatures and history, but really….  Just because it has a touch of steampunk and a touch of vampires-and-zombies doesn’t mean I started it to catch the trend.  I don’t mind if we do get swept along with it, but it actually started with…


A World of Warcraft character….


Question 53 – There have been a lot of trends in literature, such as zombies, sparkly vampires, and so on. Would you jump on the bandwagon and write a novel with a trendy subject?

Answer: Authors Answer 53 – Jumping on the Bandwagon

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