Fuel and Power, Expanded

On the heels of yesterday’s Technology post and subsequent discussion with Joachim Boaz, I looked at my Power Sources map again and decided it needed some more work.

So much work that it expanded to three maps.

I had previously been considering adding ‘grass’ as a fuel source, since I knew that prairie grass and other shrubby stuff is frequently used when other options aren’t available, but hadn’t put it in due to the concern that it would be basically everywhere.  With the discussion on using animal dung as fuel though, I decided to make a map of the basics, based on domesticated ruminant and appropriate grass/brush distribution.


There is significant overlap between the two, of course.  Places without grass- or dung-use are either places that don’t use fuel (the lizardfolk jungles in the south and the skinchanger- and wraith-controlled forests, because none of them bother to cook) or places with domesticated animals and crops unsuited to these uses.  Or the (sandy, not scrubby) desert.

Those two are what people who can’t gather or pay for higher quality fuels use.  Higher quality fuels and power sources still look like so:


There are some tweaks to the distribution, because I decided to focus on what’s in use now — though the coverage of wind and solar power are still idealized levels.  Notably, tide/wave power has a diminished range, geothermal has been removed (to concentrate on surface-dwellers), solar now covers the southern desert instead of arcane, and I picked out a few more spots of peat- and animal-oil use that I’d overlooked previously.

Since both of those maps only cover where the fuel/power is created or harvested, I traced some of the trade routes from an earlier map to figure out what fuel sources are currently shipped where:


So this shows more of the resource availability in different areas.  Yes, materials do get around, though certain realms refuse to trade with each other.


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10 Responses to Fuel and Power, Expanded

  1. gravecall says:

    very nice. i assumed (silly me) that ‘grass’ fuel was chip fuel. >.> into the dungsack with you!

  2. gravecall says:

    the bison/cattle people could have special ‘tatrine’ areas to collect chips and sell them to other species!

    • It’s possible that they would export to the Brother Isles, but since the Brother Isles have oil and wood resources, I’m not sure they’d want to buy that. Maybe for bulk burning if they get industry off the ground. The cattlefolk certainly won’t sell it to their direct neighbors though; they’re at war.

      Maybe shove it down their throats, but not sell it.

  3. gravecall says:

    ::flings poo::

  4. What tool do you use for creating your maps?

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