Pre-Sealing Map

I decided that since I had done the Book 1 map, and since I had reached the point in the Histories when the Seals happen, I should probably put up a map of the world before the Sealing.

Immediately before.  Maybe just minutes before.

Took a little while to put this map together, and honestly the only reason it has so many city names is because of the Histories — I didn’t have a lot about the western and southern empires until I started detailing them for this blog project.  So yay blog project!

The stars indicate the Seals I talked about at the end of History 07: The Sealing of the World, Part 1.  The yellow circle is the portal; the ugly yellow overlay is the progression of the stellar locust hordes at the time the Seals were placed.


The territory almost completely covered by the locust circle is Lisalhan, with the portal centered on its former capital of Lahuassia.  To the east, the locusts had just reached the near edge of the Blasted Desert, which had been created by arcane backlash during the conflict between Lisalhan and Yezadra.  Though Yezadra sat currently unscathed on the other side, it knew that the desert was no barrier to the locusts and that its own destruction was just a matter of time.

To the north, parts of Altaera had already been swallowed up, including the three fortresses that held the wall the Altaerans used to defend themselves from the Lisalhanians and Xiroacen.  Almost the entirety of the Danarine Sea had also been taken, for though the locusts could not swim, many of them could fly, and thus they were already ravaging the port cities and small towns in the Danarine Swamp.  With its defenses so neatly breached, Altaera was in great and immediate danger.

To the west, Xiroacer had also lost cities to the locusts, though the horde had yet to reach any of the five ziggurats.  Regardless, they considered their borders thoroughly breached, and were in the process of evacuating into the Lady’s Spine Mountains; they did not know about the efforts to seal the world.

Second part of the Sealing of the World should be up this weekend, with a map of the changes to come next week.

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