Updates and some world art.

Been lacking in updates recently, I know.  Trying to adjust to new work schedule.  Book 3 is paused at the first section of chapter 11.  Book 1 is being re-edited for informational content–currently chapters 1 and (the rebuilt version of a previously cut) 2 are looking good.  Planning to refurbish the first quarter or first half of book 1 with better description and updated information, then do another round of pitching.  If nothing hits, the first few chapters will show up here in short order.

In the meanwhile, a few art pieces my friends have been working on for me.

Erestoia By-The-Sea digital sketch by Alexandra Fitzgerald

This one should be recognizable from the header of the blog.  Erestoia By-The-Sea is a location in book 2 — that shiny crystal tower there.  This version is the digital composite made for me by my friend Alexandra Fitzgerald.

Erestoia By-The-Sea in oils by Alexandra Fitzgerald.

The oil version.

Tasgard horse work in progress by D. D. Phillips (Megera).

Preliminary sketches for a Tasgard horse — an unusually leonine equine because of the Horse spirit’s death and these horses’ subsequent adoption by the Lion spirit.  They are skinchangers but avoid changing to keep from becoming more leonine.  Aggressive, usually herbivorous with scavenging tendencies, but happy to make a meal of you if you irritate them.  Used as warhorses by the Risen Phoenix Empire.

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