Series Timeline

Current Year (circa Book 4):  172 Imperial Reckoning / 7358 Long-Count Year

Book 1: Sebryn 12th-30th, 171 IR

Book 2: Cylanost 5th-18th, 171 IR

Book 3: Cylanost 20th – Darkness Day, 171/172 IR

Book 4: Darkness Day – Sycinel 22, 172 IR

Lunar Cycle Books 1-3

Lunar Cycle Books 1-3

Story-Related Events:

5003 years ago:  The Descent of the Wraiths triggers continual warfare between them and the native races.

4848 – 4827 years ago:  The Guardian and Ravager take their first mortal hosts.  The ‘human mask’ is created and used to infiltrate of the wraiths.  The Ravager and the bird spirits tear the spirit realm away from the physical, creating the Grey in between.

4806 years ago:  The eastern wraiths are defeated.  Some are chased onto the White Isle.  Tirindai is transformed into the Thorn Protector of Haaraka.

4322 years ago:  Vrin gih Dha (aka Brigydde) arises as the goddess of humanity, awakening the slumbering elder deities in response.  This sparks the Cult Wars.

1955 years ago:  The Cult Wars end with the Gods’ Pact, binding the gods and their greater servitors to nonintervention and allowing the spirits to banish them when encountered.

1406 – 1394 years ago:  The Great War of Empires begins between Altaera, Lisalhan, Xiroacer and Yezadra.  The goddess Brigydde accepts Breana and then Brancir as her sisters, creating the Trifold Goddess.  The Portal is opened, allowing the Outsider’s armies to enter.  The Seals are created to close the Portal, sinking Lisalhan and destroying much of the continent’s center in the process.  The Silent Circle is formed to hunt down battlemages and Outside scryers.

446 – 430 years ago:  The War of the Lion and Eagle, between Altaera and Ruen Wyn, devastates both empires.

414:  The world is partially Unsealed.

207:  Ilshenrir is reborn on the White Isle.

172:  The sun vanishes from the sky, causing the Long Darkness.  The King of Daecia ends it after five months and declares himself the Risen Phoenix Emperor.

133:  The Sapphire Eye and Golden Wing armies are established.

111:  Ilshenrir is shot down and captured by the Mist Folk.

91:  Destruction of the Citadel at Darakus. (Sevalin 8th)

82:  Citadel at Valent completed.

63:  Vedaceirra born in Fort Navrin, Riddian. (Theramel 5th)

50:  Risen Phoenix Emperor Aradys IV takes the throne.

44:  Crown Prince Kelturin born (midwinter 1).

37:  The fire-year in southern Amandon.  Akarridi is created.

36:  Geraad Iskaen born in Hunter’s Rest, Wyndon.

35:  Firkad Sarovy born in Fort Endry, Trivestes.

33:  Kelturin’s birth announced.

29:  Sarovy joins the Sapphire Shield youth corps, age 7.

27:  Makoura Yrsian born in Thyda, Riddian.

26:  Arik born in the Forest of Night.

23:  Weshker born in Talkur-Nent-den, Corvia (summer/autumn cusp [7/10])

22:  Lark born in Fellen, Illane.

20:  Crimson Claw Army formed.  Fiora born in Cantorin, Amandon.  Haurah defeated.  Dernyel becomes Guardian.

18:  Cob born in Risholnis, Kerrindryr (early spring [3/3]).

13:  Sarovy exiled to the Crimson Claw.

12:  Kerrindryr becomes part of the Empire.  Weshker enslaved.

10:  Kelturin assumes command of the Crimson Army.  Dernyel killed.  Cob and mother enslaved.

8:  Lark runs away, meets Rian (only a few months old).  Sarovy becomes a lieutenant.

7:  Erolan Linciard joins the Crimson Army as a lancer.

6:  Cob converts to the Imperial Light.  Darilan becomes Cob’s keeper.

3:  Cob drafted into Crimson Army (late summer).

2:  Crimson withdrawal from Jernizan.  Second conquest of Savinnor (spring).  Surrender of Bahlaer (summer).  Surrender of Fellen (late summer).  Rebuff from Kanrodi (late autumn), forced back to Fellen for the winter.  The Fellen riots.

1:  Siege camp established outside Kanrodi (spring).  Wraith ambush (late spring — Brin 11th).  Cob chased away from Army (autumn).

0:  Winter.  Current year as of book 4.


Timeline of Eras (length in years) (years ago):

Imperial Reckoning: 172 / 0-172

Age of Kingdoms: 240 / 172-412

Age of Empires: 1485 / 413-1898

Post-Gods’ Pact: 54 / 1899-1953

Age of Gods: 2367 / 1954-4321

Ogre Dominion: 472 / 4322-4794

Skinchanger-Wraith War: 207 / 4795-5002

Age of First Magic: 2354 / 5003-7357

Age of Wilds: 7358-


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