Series Timeline

Current Year (circa Book 6):  172 Imperial Reckoning / 7358 Long-Count Year

Book 1: Sebryn 12th-30th, 171 IR (19 days)

Interim: Sebryn 31st – Cylanost 4th (12 days)

Book 2: Cylanost 5th-18th, 171 IR (14 days)

Interim: Cylanost 19th (1 day)

Book 3: Cylanost 20th – Darkness Day, 171/172 IR (20 days)

Book 4: Darkness Day – Sycinel 22, 172 IR (27 days)

Book 5: Sycinel 25-31, 172 IR (7 days)

Book 6: Sycinel 31 – Yearthaw 2, 172 IR (8 days) and Later

Lunar Cycle Books 1-3

Lunar Cycle Books 1-3

Lunar Cycle Books 4-6

Lunar Cycle Books 4-6


Brief Timeline (Imperial Reckoning):

172 IR — The year just beginning. (See: The Drowning Dark, The Bloodied Army, The Eye of Night.)
171 IR — The year just ending. (See: The Light of Kerrindryr, The Splintered Eye, The Living Throne.)
170 IR — Crimson withdrawal from Jernizan. Second conquest of Savinnor (spring). Surrender of Bahlaer (summer). Surrender of Fellen (late summer). Rebuff from Kanrodi (late autumn), forced back to Fellen for the winter. The Fellen riots.
169 IR — Cob is drafted into the Crimson Army.
166 IR — Cob converts to the Imperial Light. Liska, Cob’s mother, hangs herself.
162 IR — Cob’s father Dernyel is killed. He and his mother are enslaved.
160 IR — Kerrindryr becomes part of the Empire. Vesha (Weshker) is enslaved.
159 IR — Sarovy is exiled to the Crimson Army.
157 IR — Sarovy attains command rank, is married to Irsa te’Vastrein.
156 IR — Kelturin Aradysson becomes Crimson General.
154 IR — Cob is born in Risholnis, Kerrindryr.
152 IR — The Crimson Claw Army is formed.
137 IR — Firkad Sarovy is born in Fort Endry, Trivestes.
135 IR — The Fire Year in southern Amandon. Akarridi is created.
122 IR — Risen Phoenix Emperor Aradys IV takes the throne.
109 IR — Vedaceirra te’Navrin is born in Navrinden, Riddian.
90 IR — The Citadel at Valent is completed.
81 IR — The Fall of the Citadel at Darakus.
62 IR — Ilshenrir is shot down over the Wrecking Shore.
0 IR — The Risen Phoenix Empire is founded by Aradys I.
-1 IR — The Long Darkness occurs and is broken by Aradys I.
-5 IR — The Murder of the God of Law.
-241 IR — The Unsealing. 414 years ago.
-274 IR — The War of the Lion and Eagle begins.
-1191 IR — The Silent Circle is formed to suppress forbidden knowledge.
-1222 IR — The Seals and the Sinking of Lisalhan. 1395 years ago.
-1233 IR — The Great War of Empires begins.
-1783 IR — The Gods’ Pact ends the Godswars.
-4150 IR — The Awakening of the Gods and beginning of the Godswars.
-4156 IR — Vrin gih Dha’s (Brigydde’s) Apotheosis.
-4634 IR — The Thorn Curse.
-4642 IR — The Advance of the Ogres into the north, to fight the wraiths.
-4655 IR — The Creation of the Grey.
-4666 IR — The Guardian and Ravager possess their first mortal hosts.
-4831 IR — The Descent of the Wraiths.
-4861 IR — The Curse of Magic.

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