Book 1: The Light of Kerrindryr

c1-52 LoKmedium            Redemption through Service.

            Purification through Sacrifice.

These are the tenets of the Imperial Light, and Cob follows them devoutly despite being enslaved for his father’s treason.  Now, raised like a soldier and betrayed by a friend, he has been driven from the Imperial Army into the heretic-riddled lands he helped to conquer.  In this strange realm, he finds that Light and Dark are not as simple as they seemed, and though he considers everyone around him an enemy, to them he is a prize — the unwitting carrier of a secret that every faction in the warring world wants.

The Army would do anything to get it back except kill him.

His treacherous friend has no such qualms.talisman_of_the_light_by_megera-d66nrs3

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Review by Pauline M. Ross of Fantasy Review Barn

3 Responses to Book 1: The Light of Kerrindryr

  1. Just finished reading “The Light” and it was a-maz-ing! After seeing the level of detail that went into your world-building based on the maps and such on this site, I went into the book with high hopes and you blasted right past those. I’m currently pouting because book 2 isn’t available yet, but I’ll keep checking back for it. Must have more Cob!

    • Huzzah, someone who likes Cob!

      Thanks for the kind words. Book 2 is currently having a last read-through while the cover is being put together. I hope to have it out by the end of the year — maybe sooner — and with luck, book 3 will be ready some time next year.

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