Book 5 Update: July Redux!

I hate having to type that title.  It means it’s been a year since my previous Book 5 July update.  But…that’s just how it is.

Yet again, this is a brief ‘things continue to progress, like snails’ post.  The Book 5 cover has moved forward a smidge, but there’s been another technical snag for the artist, which hopefully will be resolved in August.  Then we can steam forward?!?!

The Book 6 rough draft continues on schedule.  I’ve started Chapter 12 (of still probably 27) and am pleased with how everything is shaking out.

In related (?) news, I did finish a paperdoll I started prooooobably a year ago, of Magus Revek Voorkei, our lovable if tusk-garbled Gejaran spy-slash-ally-slash-scryer’s-first-boyfriend.  Seen below modeling Gejara’s typical ‘we like colors and patterns and we don’t care about your eyes!’ casual garb under a light spring coat.


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