Authors Answer 62 – Our Favourite Created Characters


Well, this one is obvious.

Question 62 – Who is your favorite character that you created (either for a book/story or just because)?

My consistently favorite character is probably the one that serves as my icon here on WordPress, Shaidaxi. I’ve played/written him since I was maybe thirteen, making him an easy skin to slip into when it comes to the series; also, he’s a snarky and erratic individual, so his dialogue is always entertaining to write.



However, I’ve found that other characters occasionally eclipse him when I get a chance to focus on them, so I often have a temporary favorite that I dedicate a lot of side-story to. My current temp fave is Linciard, who I’m trying to un-mire from the plot swamp he’s been stuck in.

Linciard!  Put a shirt on!

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