Monday Music — Ambient

mynoiseNo video today.  Instead, I wanted to highlight this ambient noise generator I found recently.  I’m sure most people know Rainy Mood, but this one, myNoise, has more than rain-sounds.  Way, way more.  I don’t listen to music of any type while I write — I seem to be really distracted by sound — but a lot of the testimonials are from writers who use different soundscapes to set certain moods.

I personally use this for background noise to keep from hearing random house-creaks….but my favorite soundscape so far is the RPG Dungeon (seen above), which is mostly chain-clanks and distant footsteps.  I guess that’s just what soothes me?

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  1. musiciansgal says:

    COOOOL, thanks for the post! 😉 Awesome site!

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