Monday Music: Two Steps From Hell – To Glory

Two Steps From Hell – To Glory, from the album Invincible.  Instrumental.

I hadn’t wanted to do too many songs from the same bands, but I’ve been listening to this album in the car for the past few weeks and it’s kind of gotten into my head.  Since I have some large and complex fight scenes coming up in the future, this one really hooked me — it sounds like the background music for one of the conflicts I’ve envisioned, with massed troops clashing in the background while individual characters do more frantic work both within and outside the battling armies.

Alas, it’ll probably be a year or two before I get to write any of that.  At least I have a song to capture the expansive, confrontational mood though.

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3 Responses to Monday Music: Two Steps From Hell – To Glory

  1. megera says:

    Choosing your movie soundtracks already?

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