Obsessive Character Creation Disorder

I have a problem.

I really, really, REALLY like character creator programs.  Heck, I keep a couple MMOs loaded on my computer just because I use their character creation options to help me visualize my protagonists.

I’ve also watched a lot of anime, and often say that if I wanted my books translated into any media, anime would be my top choice.

So then I found an anime-style character creator.

And then I lost a few days.

When I came back up for air, I had my whole main cast!

Mind you, none of them are perfect; the creator only has so many options.  And they’re just portraits, not full-bodies, otherwise I’d probably still be playing dress-up dolls.  Also there’s only one face shape, which doesn’t suit anyone.  Regardless, I think they get the point across.

First up, we have Our Heroes, last seen camped in the mountains at the end of Book 2.

Next are a few of the highlights of Blaze Company, last seen stationed in the city of Bahlaer.  Alas, there weren’t any good options for making my ogre-blooded soldiers, so we don’t get to see Magus Voorkei or Houndmaster Vrallek here.  Some day, some day…

Also Sarovy looks like he’s twelve.  Sigh.

Also involved but somewhat at loose ends are these cranky lovely ladies, variously dispersed around the Crimson Army-controlled territories.

These four fine fellows are involved with Palace business, for good or ill — though Geraad doesn’t know it yet.  Alas, there was nothing in the creator that I could use to mock up a goblin, so we’ll just pretend that cat on his shoulder is Rian.

And finally, these three remain influential, in their way.

I have a few new characters, too, but I don’t think I should show them.  One is a big ol’ spoiler, and the other can wait.  I guess I’ll do a post with Book 3 newbies some other time!

And some of the side characters…

And the former Guardians, and the gods…


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9 Responses to Obsessive Character Creation Disorder

  1. Erica Dakin says:

    I reckon you should have used Shai’s hair for Fiora and maybe vice versa. You always describe Fiora as having curls, and from your little blog avatar I always figured Shai’s hair is straight!

  2. paulinemross says:

    That is *nothing* like Ilshenrir. Nothing! {Muttering… These authors, they think they know what their characters look like…Leaves shaking head…}

  3. Hah! I love this idea. I currently have MMO character creators for Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but the most detailed one I have might be for Dragon Age: Origins. I’ll let you know if I have a chance to experiment. Thanks for the tip!

    • Up until now, the one I used most often was the Aion character generator — except it was really hard to make a female character who wasn’t anime-cutesy. Obviously there wasn’t much variety in the Rinmaru ones either, but at least both genders were equally constrained. I have another post here somewhere with my EverQuest 2 versions, and I have some from the original Guild Wars that are still the best versions of those characters that I’ve made. So helpful.

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