Book 2 (and 3) Map

I know book 1 isn’t even out yet, but I do have book 2 being beta-read at the moment, so I made a map for it from the base world-map (as I did for book 1).  As book 3 takes place in the same general space that book 2 does, this doubles as a book 3 map as well.

First comes the black-and-white version:


And next, the full-color:


These directly adjoin the book 1 map, with the crossover at Thynbell and Cantorin — as seen above on the left side, and below on the right side:

Book 1 map.

Book 1 map.

Oops, just noticed that this version of the book 1 map doesn’t have the scale.

I’m probably not done tweaking them, but these are usable versions for the e-books.

Speaking of e-books, I have completed the formatting for book 1, minus the cover and any other platform-specific alterations.  I hope to be posting the teaser chapters within a week or two.

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