The Histories

Cosmology 1: In the Beginning…

In which the universe is created, and with it the world of Halci.

Cosmology 2: The Elements and the Rise of Life

Halci gets its finishing touches, and the powers create the first people.

Cosmology 3: The Age of Wilds and the Great Schism

Peace, prosperity and immortality.  One of them has to give.

Cosmology 4: The Curse of Magic and the Capture of the Moon

In the aftermath of the schism, overreaching brings retaliation, and a new power arrives to make a triumvirate.

Cosmology 5: The Moon’s Effect and the Falling Stars

Invaders, refugees, visionaries, monsters.  A bit of all four.

Cosmology 6: The Wraith War, the Mask and the Breach of the Grey

In which many Bad Ideas are inaugurated by all sides, and the great changes begin.

Cosmology 7: The Fourth Flight and the Thorn Curse

Revenge never goes quite as planned.

Cosmology 8: The Withdrawal of the Wraiths and the Struggle for the Grey

When pushed into the corner, the best plan is definitely to keep in-fighting.

History 1: The Ogre Dominion and the Birth of Humanity

A new age, less furry than the old but far more restrictive.

History 2: The Torch of Truth and Freedom, Part 1

In which the wraiths keep meddling, and casual cruelty sparks a surprising turn of events.

History 2: The Torch of Truth and Freedom, Part 2

Starting a peaceful religion is difficult, especially when everyone wants to fight.

History 3: The Awakening of the Gods

Divinity becomes a popular pastime.  The spirits are not pleased.

History 4: The Cult Wars and the Gods’ Pact

The gods and their followers war upon each other, until even they can’t tolerate it.

History 5: The First Empires, Part 1: Altaera

The God of Law’s followers break up, then make up — more or less.

History 5: The First Empires, Part 2: Lisalhan

The demigod of fear becomes a nightmare, but his brother is worse.

History 5: The First Empires, Part 3: Yezadra

The goddess of knowledge gets lost in her books, and her empire is claimed by others.

History 5: The First Empires, Part 4: Xiroacer

Death departs, and her cultists learn too late that they are not on top of the food-chain.

History 6: The Great War of Empires

In which Daenivar breaks everything, and Vrin gih Dha tries to pick up the pieces just in time for Daenivar to knock them off the table again.

History 7: The Sealing of the World, Part 1

In which the world is probably doomed, but everyone hopes they can just wait it out.

History 7: The Sealing of the World, Part 2

Kuthrallan tries his best, but has overlooked a key fact, and everyone suffers the consequences.

History 8: The New Empires, Part 1: Ruen Wyn

In the aftermath of the Seals, the eastlands decide to form their own empire.  The question is, who should rule it?

History 8: The New Empires, Part 2: Zhangi-Uru

It helps to have large fire-breathing dragons on your side.  Unless you anger them.

History 8: The New Empires, Part 3: Ciritheen

Some dragons are more useful than others.

History 9: The Flame of Chaos and the Owl Emperor’s Fall

A new lineage is born, much to everyone’s dismay.

History 10: The War of the Lion and Eagle

Nobody wins.

History 11: The Slow Collapse and the Age of Kingdoms

Things fall apart.

History 12: The Masks and the Plagues

Things are given a push.

History 13: The Nemesis, the Long Darkness and the Rise of the Phoenix Light

Things become as they are now.