The Gods and Spirits


The Greater Gods



The Three Gods of Inspiration:

Radiant Light

Rule of Law

The Shadowlord


The Six Goddesses of Shaping:

Brancir the Forger     —     The Nemesis

Brigydde the Prophet     —     The Lady of Ruin

Breana the Shield     —     Loahravi the Bloody


 The Eyes in the Dark:

Surou the Dreamer     —     Death Herself



The Lesser Gods

GodSymbolsLesserDaenivar of Nightmares.  ‘Son’ of the awakened Blood Goddess Loahravi, formerly a haelhene sorcerer.

Iroliyale the Traveler.  Lesser god of merchants and travelers, friend of Kherus Morgwi the Shadowlord and Tatska the Night Wind.

Moon-Shadow.  The shadow-goddess of the moon, known in the south as Dalatha the Shade Mother.  Almost unknown in the north.

Rhehevrok the Butcher.  ‘Son’ of the awakened Blood Goddess Loahravi, formerly an ogre warlord.

Tatska the Night Wind.  Lesser goddess of night-watchmen, night travelers and other people of the evening.  Affiliated with Iroliyale and Kherus Morgwi.


(a small selection of)

The Spirits

“Humankind emerged from among us to slowly eclipse us.”

Aekarlis and Aesangat.  The Ravager and the Guardian.

Aeruhtali Tanrant/Tan the Herd King.  Stag-spirit, shattered on first contact with the caiohene (wraiths).  Full name means ‘Antlered King’.

Athalarr the Plains Stalker.  Lion-spirit, King of Northern Cats and patron of Jernizan.  Courting Brigydde the Hearth Mother.  Full name Athar Rarra’n (‘Day Roar’).

Carad Narath, the.  Cursed form of the airahene wraith leader Tirindai, now a nature spirit controlling all of Haaraka.

Daxfora the Slinker.  Fox-spirit, one of the Independents, patron of Corvia along with Zolvin T’okiel.  Splintered from Raun (the master canid spirit) before the Wraith War.  Full name Shaidaxvora’n (‘Stealth’).

Hythrak the Heart’s Voice.  Songbird-spirit, slain by Ylwai of the caiohene (wraiths), the first beast-spirit to be killed in the Wraith War.  Full name Hye Drakiskaen’n (‘Little Heart’).

Keynakin the Burrower.  Badger-spirit.  Killed during the Wraith War.  Full name Khionagi en’Isgart (‘Clawer of Earth’).

Kingara the Thief/the Mechanic.  Prehensile-tailed beast-spirit, parent of the goblins and, like them, no longer interested in changing form but in tinkering.  Full name Yukhingara’n (Hooked Tail).

Kosh Tenkosh the Weaver.  Spider-spirit, wife of Riskili the Stinger, friend of Kherus Morgwi, one of the Wise Ones.  Eaten by the Nemesis.  Full name Koshvaitirinagi Hushin’t en’Kosh (‘Weaver of the Center of All’).

Kvenkiut the Striker.  Hawk-spirit, one of the Triumvirate of Raptors.  Killed during the Wraith War.  Full name Kuve’n Kiu’t (‘Talon from Above’).

Lilivir the Bright Swimmer.  Sea snake spirit, Mother of Sea Serpents, Queen of the Western Seas, rival of Coramael.  Full name Liligi Vihiri (‘Colorful Swimmer’).

Neulen Kurthiten.  Vulture-spirit, one of the Independents.  Full name Niul en’Kurthiten (‘Wing of Death’).

Niya.  Spirit of small cats, mother and peace-keeper between Athalarr and Ayirrakela.  Full name Nilyagi Geiri (‘Sharp Thinker’).

Oega the River Wader.  Water-dwelling mammal spirit, father of the ogres, no longer changes.  Full name Oe Gaannixa Tanrant (‘Big King of the Lifewater’).

Raun the Pack Hunter.  Canid-spirit, inciter of the schism between the Guardian and Ravager, one of the Warlords.  Usually takes the form of a wolf.  Full name Ninke Raunagi (‘First Hunter’).

Senket the Sky Ruler.  Eagle-spirit and patron of Trivestes, one of the Warlords, one of the Triumvirate of Raptors.  Full name Sen Ke’t (‘Best’).

Shaskret the Night Watcher.  Owl-spirit, one of the Wise Ones, one of the Triumvirate of Raptors.  Full name Shalassa’n Kuve’t (‘Talon’s Wisdom’).

The Winter Graces.  Cold (Rhila), Hunger (Hivala) and Solitude (Rakila).

Zolvin T’okiel the Day Watcher.  Crow-spirit, one of the Independents, patron of Corvia along with Daxfora.  Full name Zolvin T’okiel (Old Tower-Bird).


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