The Characters

Cob and Friends

Cobrin, son of Dernyelcobearlier

Age: 17

Affiliation: Risen Phoenix Imperial slave-worker

Background:  A native of the mountainous, isolated Imperial protectorate of Kerrindryr, Cob was enslaved by the Empire at age eight due to his dead father’s treason and subsequently drafted into the Imperial Third Army, the Crimson Claw, at age fifteen.  As a legacy slave and a devout follower of the Imperial Light, he expected to regain his rights as a citizen upon his age of majority at eighteen.  However, a near-death experience just short of that milestone triggered a persistent nightmare that seemed to indicate the taint of Darkness, a death-sentence for any follower of the Light.  When Cob is chased from the Army and forced to seek refuge in the recently conquered Heretic Lands, his nightmare unveils itself as an ancient entity known as the Guardian — much to his dismay.

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Lark of BahlaerLark

Age: 21

Affiliation: Shadow Folk liaison

Background:  A young woman of immigrant Zhangish descent, Lark lives in the Illanic city of Bahlaer and works for the local Shadow Folk (Kheri) enclave as a liaison to the technically-inclined goblins below the city.  Along with her goblin ‘son’ Rian, she gets embroiled in Cob’s situation when he seeks shelter among the Shadow Folk only to draw his Imperial pursuit down upon all of them.

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Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Independent (wolf skinchanger)

Background: A lone member of the northern quillwolf subtype, Arik was drawn to the Guardian’s emergence and subsequently pledged loyalty to its cause, despite being naturally aligned with its rival the Ravager.  His connection to the Wolf spirit Raun allows him to change into bestial form at will.

Other Friends (?):

Sarovy and the Imperials

Firkad Sarovysarovy

Age: 34

Affiliation:  Risen Phoenix Imperial Third Army lieutenant

Background:  Assigned to assist Darilan Trevere in the recovery of escaped-slave Cob, Lieutenant Sarovy leads a small team of Crimson Claw soldiers through the Heretic Lands in pursuit.  Events conspire to make him question his mission, however, and he finds himself walking a thin line between knowledge and treason.

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Darilan Treveredarilan

Age: Appears early twenties

Affiliation: Risen Phoenix Imperial Third Army scout

Background:  A career Imperial soldier and Cob’s former best friend, Darilan has been tasked with bringing the escapee back to the Crimson Claw Army for purification.  He has his own agenda, however, and no interest in letting the rules get in his way.

Other Imperial Soldiers and Specialists:

The Blaze Company Mages (Voorkei, Mako, Presh)

The Imperial Leadership:

Other Imperial Citizens:


Weshker en-Nentweshker

Age: 22

Affiliation: Risen Phoenix Imperial slave-worker

Background: Considered a criminal slave due to his status as a Corvish clansman, Weshker is one of Cob’s former camp-mates, with troubles and secrets of his own.  In the wake of Cob’s escape, he stumbles upon the hidden underbelly of the Crimson Army and finds himself dragged into its politics…along with those close to him.

Ammala CrayAmmala

Age: 39

Affiliation: Illanite peasant and Trifold laywoman

Background: Widowed farmholder, mother of four living children and caretaker to her elderly mother-in-law, Ammala had no intention of opposing the Empire.  But sheltering Cob — however briefly — has brought her to its attention, and her children as well…

Enforcer Ardent (Nemirin Ereshti)

Age: 32

Affiliation: Shadow Folk Enforcer

Background: A Shadow Folk agent with the Office of Enforcement, Ardent has dedicated her career to fighting the Empire’s control of the Riftlands — or at least she’s tried.  Hampered by the Shadow Folk’s own policies, she has been unable to act as directly as she would have liked.  Until now.

Artwork by D. D. Phillips.  Character-creator images from Aion, Guild Wars, Rinmaru Games.