Abomination: The non-Imperial term for a physically-altered servant of the Risen Phoenix Empire.  Some alterations are obvious, some hidden.  Imperials refer to them as ‘specialists’, ‘blessed’ and other honorifics.  For specifics, see The Abominations.

Beastfolk: Former skinchangers trapped in hybrid form by the death of their parent spirits.

Eiyet: A small, spiky black creature made of living shadow, denizen of the Shadow Realm.  They are vicious and kleptomaniacal, and while they will attack enemies of the Shadow Folk (Kheri), they can be distracted by shiny objects.  Their language is eiyenriu.  They are often found in Shadow Folk enclaves (kai).

Garto: The catchall term for several types of large flightless bird, known for their scaly legs and necks, their speed, and their general hostility.  Certain dwarf versions have been domesticated.

Grig: A so-called ‘vermin bird’, with claw-tipped gliding wings and a maw more like a lizard’s.  Range in size from mouse to rat.

Muriae: The silver elementals of the Thundercloak Mountains of Kerrindryr.

Primordial: An elemental super-entity and ‘parent’ to all of its kind.  Fire, Silver, etc.

Skinchanger: A shapeshifting individual bound to its species’ parent spirit.

Also see The Races or The Wraiths.


Arcane and Spiritual Knowledge:

Array: A (semi-)permanent arcane power structure that can support multiple active spells.

Channel: A pathway used to move magic, or the process of using these pathways.

Dalurvykhe: ‘Body-magic’, the arcane practice of flesh-crafting and body modification.

Eiyenbridge: A crossing-point between the Shadow Realm and the physical world, made bodily by the eiyets.  Temporary and dangerous to use.

Eiyetakri: An ‘eiyet-gift’, usually a shiny bead or marble wrapped in wire.  Used to tempt an eiyet into performing a favor for the gift-giver.

Gestalt: A mental or spiritual connection between a group of people that allows them to act in concert and share senses or strength.  Used by skinchangers, beastfolk, spiritists and mentalists.

Metastatism: A type of magic that stores power in and controls cancerous tumors.

Umbral Wall: The thin barrier between the Shadow Realm and the physical world.