Authors Answer 72 – Writing Targets

cropped-pia19912-main_mcam-sol-1099Hi!  I’m still alive!  It’s been a rough few months for me, writing-wise; between several disruptions of my work-schedule and some unanticipated stresses, I had a very irregular January and February, and have a few more odd events still to come in March.  But I’ve mostly recovered from the collapse noted below, and am back at writing 2-3 pages per day.  Yesterday and the day before were 3+ page days, at about 2700 words each, so that progress makes me feel much better.

Currently working on Chapter 26 out of probably 31.

Question 72 – Do you have a daily or weekly target for writing? What is it, and how do you achieve it?

Normally I have a target of 2-3 pages per writing day, and I write five days a week. I write before I go to my Day Job, so 2-3 is about the amount of writing I can squeeze in between gaining full consciousness and being forced to run out the door. There are two writing-days where I don’t have the Day Job hanging over me, so sometimes I get 4-6 pages in, and there are always outlier days where I get up to 8 because I feel very motivated. My main goal is to get -something- down on the page, and keep pushing at it until I have to break off for the day. It’s just persistence — and a steady schedule I guess, because my Day Job schedule was wacky for most of February and totally threw me off my writing game. Hopefully by the time this posts, I will have gotten back into the proper swing of it.

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