The Cultures

Culture Composites:

Amandon — The breadbasket of the Risen Phoenix Empire and the core of its Heartlands, despite the lingering scars of the Fire Season.

Averogne — A quiet little Imperial protectorate backwater.  Nothing to see here.

Corvia — A loose collection of spiritist tribes — the remnants of a broken kingdom — at war with the Risen Phoenix Empire and specifically the protectorate of Wyndon.

Darronwy — An Imperial Heartlands province tucked against the Khaeleokiel mountains and home to its (possibly heretical) Firebird cult.

Gejara — An independent nation west of the Rift, populated by a mix of humans and ogre-kin and ruled by a mage-inclusive council, the Senivaten.  Currently treaty-bound not to trouble the Empire, but a major source of spies and proxy warfare.

Haaraka — The Accursed Thornland, sectioned out from the Imperial Heartlands by both a spirit-invoked curse and its own twisted wraith-magic.

Illane — The Empire’s newest territorial acquisition: a collection of mercantile city-states in the shadow of the Rift, as well as the shadows of the kingdoms and empires that surround it.

Jernizan — The Empire’s western enemy, a highly patriarchal kingdom of plains and hills and swamp.  (Old material, to be revised.)

Kerrindryr — Mountainous ancestral home of the primary protagonist, Cob, and currently the western-most protectorate of the Risen Phoenix Empire.

Muria — The hidden land of the Silver Folk, situated within and beneath the Thundercloak mountains that host Kerrindryr.

Riddian — A rough Imperial province of warrior-clans, hunters and herders, cored by the toxic Salt Wastes.

Trivestes — A fierce and rigid Imperial province voluntarily operating under a military government from its fortresses among cliffs and canyon-lands.

Wyndon — A forested upland province of the Empire, nominally ruled by its own king and counts and continually at war with its northern neighbor, Corvia.


Older Material (Circa 2012):

On the Amands — Fiora and Cob talk about the religions, history, and too-obedient present of the central Imperial Heartland.

On the Averognans — Captain Sarovy tries to make sense of his highest-ranking Averognan officer, to no avail.

On the Brother Islanders — Captain Sarovy makes notes on the roots of a drunk Island mercenary’s behavior.

On the Corvish — Lieutenant Linciard complains to Captain Sarovy about his people’s northern neighbors.

On the Gejarans — Scryer Mako and Captain Sarovy discuss the Empire’s ogrish ‘allies’.

On the Illanites — After the Kerrindrixi discussion, Lark explains the Illanic city-states to Cob.

On the Jernizen — Stormfollower tells Captain Sarovy about loyalty, harems, and being an extraneous man.

On the Kerrindrixi — Cob tells Lark about his childhood and heritage.

On the Riddish — Lark and Dasira discuss history and gender issues among the warrior clans of the Salt Wastes and its environs.

On the Shadow Folk — Cob and Lark discuss faith, family and business in the Shadow Realm.

On the Trivesteans — Captain Sarovy comments on his people to a puzzled Scryer Mako.

On the Wynds — Lieutenant Linciard explains Wyndish history and grudges to his captain and the scryer.