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Post-Convention Wrapup

Hey all!  I have just recently returned from my first vending experience at the SOE Live convention, where I had a great time and met a bunch of great people.  I thought I’d wrap up the experience with a run-down … Continue reading

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What I Do With My Downtime

Not that anyone asked, but since I’m taking a few days to cool down between finishing the rough draft of The Living Throne and starting the edits, I thought I’d give a glimpse at what I do when I’m not … Continue reading

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Influences: EverQuest (and other Online Roleplaying Opportunities)

I’ve mentioned before, though briefly, that I’ve played my share of MMORPGs.  I think I should confess that the only reason I’m not still playing them (and thus slacking on my writing) is because I started raiding so much that … Continue reading

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