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Fun With Paperdolls 2

It’s been approximately a million years since I did art-related things, despite the fact that I have a to-do list with half a dozen maps and far more paperdolls to work on.  However, it takes me almost a day per … Continue reading

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Fun With Paperdolls 1

After doing the Silent Circle Mage Outfits post, I had a ‘duh’ moment — why am I dressing random mages when I should dress the actual characters? Because of the computer crash, I had to reconstitute my paperdoll file, so … Continue reading

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Silent Circle Mage Outfits

After drawing a rough version of Enkhaelen’s outfit as a reference for the Book 3 cover, I started thinking about the other Silent Circle mages in my story.  I describe their attire a bit, and mention that robes are the … Continue reading

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Book 3 Cover Process #1

Ahh, the book cover work-in-progress posts.  I love doing these because I get to ramble about my and D. D. Phillips’ bickery decision-making, and hopefully you folks like them too! Book 3, titled The Living Throne, is still in major … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Ancient Engineering Projects

I just noticed (like, five minutes ago) that my favorite review blog has started doing a take on Dianne Wynne Jones’ classic Tough Guide to Fantasyland.  I got a copy of the book quite a while ago, and it easily … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Amandon

Book 2 features the protectorate of Amandon as one of its settings, though since Cob is constitutionally incapable of actually going into a city, it spends more time as backdrop.  Nevertheless, it has its details like all of the other … Continue reading

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Work In Progress Tag Thing

So I got tagged for this by Erica Dakin, and since it’s a book-related meme thing instead of some random fluff piece, I am responding!

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