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Book 4 Cover Process #2

Previously, on Cover Process #1: Now…

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Halion Ogres!

D. D. Phillips is still chugging along on the cover (post inbound within a week or so, I think!) but in the interim, when she doesn’t have access to her cover files or the energy/attention to work on all those … Continue reading

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Friends’ Projects: Transitions — Published!

My good friend at Sanguine Press has just gotten the Transitions and Awakenings: No Regrets anthology out in ebook format, with paperback soon to come.  Check it out!

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April Update

Yes, I’ve been quiet.  I think I’ll continue to be quiet-ish until the series is over — with maybe a few info posts here and there, plus teasers, etc, but nothing major until I start prepping for the collaboration I … Continue reading

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Authors Answer 122 – Should You Write Every Day?

Heh…good question to post on a day where I feel like a useless lump and am not likely to do anything productive. Question 122 – Write every day. Do you agree or disagree, and why? I agree with making an … Continue reading

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Progress and Character Pages

I know I’ve been scarce this past month — alas!  But there hasn’t been much to write about.  The Book 4 cover continues to inch along.  I’m 11 chapters into the Book 5 rough draft and feeling fairly confident, but … Continue reading

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Monday Music: Two Steps from Hell — Cannon in D Minor

Yes, cannon. Two Steps from Hell — Cannon in D Minor.  Orchestral combat music.  From the album Battlecry. I got this album for Xmas and haven’t stopped listening to it in the car.  I feel like I should be writing … Continue reading

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