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Book 5 Update: December

So.  Book 5’s main draft is done. Looking at my timeline for this book is pretty embarrassing.  According to my notes, I started the rough draft on 11/1/16, finished it on 3/7/18, then immediately started this draft.  Which I have … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: July

So.  Hi there.  You might not believe it, but I’m alive. I am also about as useless as a flattened, desiccated gecko. It has taken what feels like a majillion years to finish editing the second of the three threads … Continue reading

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Titles, Book 4

Hey look, it’s me again!  What?  I’ve been silent for a month?  Nooo, shhhh, you saw nothing.  (Uh…literally.) I am just now getting around to some of the standard post-book-release info discussions that I used to do immediately.  Guess I’ve … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: March

Just a quick update here, since I’m about to head off to the Day Job: The Book 5 Rough Draft is now complete!  At 439 pages (in the text file) — comparing it to Book 4’s rough, which was 447 … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: January

(Or: The Tale of My Hellspawn Computer.) Now that my various computer issues seem to be over (knock on wood), it’s a good time for a project update! I am currently still working on the rough draft of Book 5, … Continue reading

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Best Reads 2017

Hey all!  It’s time again for my rundown of my favorite reads of the year.  As always, these aren’t books that were necessarily published within the calendar year; a couple of them are twenty years old or more, and I … Continue reading

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Free! Cheap! New! Amazon promos for books 1-4!

My computer has been murdered by a Windows 10 update issue, so this post won’t be as spiffy as I’d like, but! I am currently running Amazon free days and countdown deals on all four of the current War of … Continue reading

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