Free! Cheap! New! Amazon Promos for Books 1-5

Tired of watching TV and surfing the internet? Read a book!

Bored of all your old books? Read a new one!

Looking for an escape from reality’s troubles? Immerse yourself in an imaginary world with entirely imaginary concerns!

Seriously though, it took me what feels like an age, but Book 5 is now out.  To celebrate somewhat haphazardly, I will be running some Free and Discount Day promos through Amazon.  I say haphazardly because I ran an entirely random promo a month or so ago, not thinking I would be ready to release the book any time soon — so two of the three discounts are for only, not  Alas for my lack of foresight.

Okay!  Here’s the breakdown.

Book 1, The Light of Kerrindryr, will be free from March 25-29 for all markets.

Book 2, The Splintered Eye, is on discount from March 25-April 1 for both the US and UK markets.

Book 3, The Living Throne, is on discount from March 25-April 1 on just the UK market (but go check it out if you’re in the US, too!)

Book 4, The Drowning Dark, is likewise on discount from March 25-April 1 on just the UK market.

Finally, Book 5, The Bloodied Army, is too new to be eligible for discounts.  Like, brand new.  Fresh and warm and new-book-smelling, if only through your digital screen.

It seems I have no control over promotions for other markets, so I apologize in that regard.  I will be running a better US promo this summer (when my Amazon timers reset), so look forward to that!

The sixth-and-final book is still being written, but at the moment it’s comfortably on track.  So!  Please enjoy the free-and-cheap stuff as you like, while I work on making more.

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