Unrelated Mystery Tracks

Hi there!  This has nothing to do with writing (though I will note that book 5 is still in Final Edit Mode).  Now and then, though, I do post weird things from my backyard.  This is one such weird thing!

We got a pool cover last year, but since the pool is a very weird shape, there’s a depression right off-side of the central drainage strip where water tends to collect.  It’s been a very rainy winter, so often a small pool of water sits in that spot for a while, until it dries, leaving dust.

This dust means that seeing tracks is pretty easy.  And someone has been visiting.

Now, I have no idea what kind of animal left these tracks (not a bobcat, not a coyote, certainly not a housecat or rabbit), and I was wary of going out onto the pool cover to get a comparison shot with a clearer one.  But whatever it is, it seems like a fairly large critter.  I kinda want a night-vision trail camera now…


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