Monday Music: Edge of Dawn – Beyond the Gate

Edge of Dawn – Beyond the Gate.  Synthpop.

Ignoring the cover, this is one of my favorite albums — and this specific song is possibly my favorite on it.  I like songs for stupid character reasons sometimes, and beside my general enjoyment of the instrumentation, the kicker for me in this one is how on-point it is lyrically for a couple characters and incidents in Book 3 — specifically Enkhaelen and Geraad Iskaen.  You could pretty much place this song in Enkhaelen’s mouth to sing to Geraad at the end of chapter 29.

(Yes, I do think of the story as a musical sometimes.)

With Book 4 swiftly approaching on the horizon, I decided to revisit this song as a bit of a reminder.  I think the shattering sounds in the background at the end adequately sum up the action at the end of the book.


Enter at your risk, it’s vital for the sake of your survival
It’s known to go all wrong and I will be liable.
I’m nearing the events when gravity will pull me in
I’m hanging by a thread of light that’s woven your skin.

I’m out of lies … I need a place I can go
I’m out of reason … But on the verge of a breakthrough
I’m out of want … Everything becomes a vice
I’m out of light … Is it safer in the dark?

I’m a suicidal planet, and I’m aiming at the sun
All the gravity inside me will give way to a beautiful calm.
If you’re gravitating to me, now’s the time to turn and run
I see a raging ball of fire burning lifelines in my palms.

Infinite dark rotation, magnetic isolation
Am I, am I, am I my own innovation?
I fear what Zeno said — I’m going where I’ll never get.
The distance is so close and I’ve not covered it yet…


We all face a lot of pain     (no harm)
Until the last day    (beautiful calm)
I’ll learn what I can take

We all face a lot of pain until the last day…
(No greed, no fear, no pain, no harm … beautiful calm…)
I’ll learn what I can take…


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