Monday Music: Iris – Wait Move On

Iris – Wait Move On, from the album Awakening.  Synthpop.

Book 3 is currently out with the beta readers, huzzah!  Cover is still in process, so I’m looking at late February/early March for release.  This is pretty much what I was expecting back in August, so I’m happy to have hit near my self-imposed deadline.

I still need to work on the back-cover/promo blurb, which I hate doing because I’m bad at distilling my words.  Also need to work on the front-matter (or back-matter) — the map(s), character list, glossary, etc.  Decide how much is needed and where I should put it.

Although I might just lay on the floor for a week and groan.

Once the beta reports are back, I’ll do a final readthrough/trim, just to bring the page count down a little more and make sure my characters don’t blather on too long in certain places.

On to the song!  Iris (previously Forgiving Iris) is a Texas-based synthpop band that I’ve listened to for years.  It’s a bit lighter than some of the other synth bands I’ve posted — at least in tone, though subject matter may be another story.  This song is relevant to Book 3 because it talks about breaking away from harmful paths or obsessions — which most of my characters need to do, frankly.

Here we are.  Where are we going to?
Some will stay, others will find the truth

Tell the world there is nobody left to betray
All has gone further than I am able to spiritually pay

Wait, move on
Leave it behind if it takes your soul to chase
Or harm will find you
You know

In the land, there’s only one of you
Lost command, it slips right out of you

What has grown to taste so good you can’t leave alone?
Just before it becomes yours and fate has been written into stone

Wait, move on
Leave it behind if it takes your soul to chase
It harms
I know

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