Monday Music: Assemblage 23 – Darkflow

Assemblage 23 – Darkflow, from the album Bruise.  Synthpop.

I’ve spent the past few weeks wrestling with the 34th and 35th chapters — the big climax stuff.  I usually average a chapter a week but I did 34 in one week, then redid the whole thing the next week, and there was a lot of hair-pulling and argh’ing going on for those weeks, I gotta say.  As for 35, I crawled along the first few sections of it for four days, then did the last few over a ten-hour Friday session — then immediately decided that those sections should be in chapter 36 instead.

And why is it so difficult?

Because I like doing abstract dreamy internal journeys with my protagonists, and they are DAMN DIFFICULT to keep on track and coherent.  Especially when the character in question is having a crisis of faith at the same time that he wrestles with persuasive external forces.  Beyond all that, it still has to be grounded so that it doesn’t devolve into a ten-page exercise in navel-gazing, and needs to set up the character’s head-space in the final chapter and the series going forward…


Anyway, I think I have it, but Erica is going over it again tomorrow, possibly to say ‘wtf is this?’ and kick me into changing things.  I’ve started on 36 (FINAL CHAPTEEEEER), but it will involve a lot of splicing of original-chapter stuff with those sections I cropped out of 35, if she doesn’t holler at me to put them back in.  So not at the finish line yet.

This song is relevant to the main character’s issues in these chapters.  Good ol’ Cob…

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