Monday Music: IMATEM – Haven

IMATEM – Haven, from the album Journey.  Synthpop/darkwave.

Since I like to share my favorite music but need to rein it in after last time, I thought I’d start a weekly feature.  I’ve seen some others do it, but everyone’s musical tastes are different, so why not expand some horizons?

Monday is a good time for music because it’s the start of my writing week.  I work at the Day Job from Sat-Weds, but write from Mon-Fri because those are the days when I have sufficient time between regaining consciousness and leaving the house in which to actually write.  I’m a night owl, so my Sat-Sun schedule requires me to be at the Day Job before I feel particularly human.

Anyway, this song is one I’ve been listening on repeat for a few weeks, since I just discovered it in my vast drifts of music.  I lost most of my music collection when I swapped to a new computer — the hard drive with my old collection failed — so I’ve been cobbling together a new one from data disks, CDs, and mp3s from our library’s subscription to Freegal.  It doesn’t have everything, but I’ve found some good stuff that fits my niche.

This band, IMATEM, is a side-project from one of the members of Project Pitchfork, a German group on the sliding spectrum of electro, synthpop and industrial.  The vocals, however, are provided by the front-man of VNV Nation, a British synthpop band.

If I was going to place this song on a soundtrack for my series, it would probably be near the end of book 6.  Obviously I’m not there yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t draw inspiration from it!

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