Local Authors Book Sale!

LocalAuthorsBookSale2014I’m going to another event!

No, I’m not the lady in the picture — but I am one of the Local Authors who will be selling and signing.  I’ve had my books available at the Scottsdale Library for a while now, because they have a Local Collection for indie- and self-published Arizona authors that circulates just like the rest of the system’s books.  If only every system did that…

I’ve heard this might become an annual event, so we’ll see!  The signing gallery will be open from 12-5, and it looks like there will be 55 authors attending.  I’ve got my boxes of books, my signage, my business cards…  I’m ready!

And I’ll be running another Book 1 free promo for the occasion, so to anyone who’s interested: check back on the 15th!  The event info is here for those in the area who might want to stop by.


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  1. megera says:

    Rock it, sistah

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