Things that occur to me at 1 am…

…when I should be sleeping.

‘Hold on, I can’t use wheat, this is an alien world that has never had contact with Earth…’  (Insert half an hour of making up new grains, even though I never had the need to use ‘wheat’ as a word and might not ever need to use the names of the new grains.)

‘Do I really need to italicize the names of all these races every time I mention them?  Is it because the names are in the races’ native languages?’  (Insert removing the italics from eiyets, but not from caiohene, haelhene or airahene.  Not sure why one but not the other…  Maybe because the eiyets can be pluralized.)

‘Did I fix [that thing I fixed six months ago] or did I just think I fixed it?  I’d better check!’  (Insert checking, and while at it, tweaking a bunch of dialogue, description and lore…)

‘Oh, bedtime.  Zzz.  Zzz.  Zz–holy shit, an idea!’  (Insert stumbling blindly to the computer to write gibberish in a note file that I will stare at uncomprehendingly in the morning.)


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